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This is a 12 Hour racing event at NJ Motorsports Park and will be conducted by the South Jersey Region of the SCCA on the Thunderbolt 2.25 mile circuit. The race is slated to start just before 12 noon and end just before midnight.

SCCA Endurance Racing has a long history and can trace its spiritual roots back to the legendary classics such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Daytona 24 Hours, and the 12 Hours of Sebring. The South Jersey Region SCCA conducted 4 Hour races back in the late 50's through the 60's at the Vineland Speedway, a short distance from the NJMP facility. Most of the track is still there, although as a 'ghost track' accessible from College Drive in Vineland, NJ. We are very pleased to bring this type of racing back to the area on a bigger scale than ever before.

The purpose of the event is to determine which team of drivers can take their sports car the farthest in a fixed time period, rather than the shortest time over a fixed distance as in most conventional auto races.

The Thunderbolt circuit is fast, flowing road course that proves to be the perfect endurance challenge. The long hours in the dark should prove the most challenging as competitors will need to race through the night to get to the checkered flag which will wave at 12 midnight, concluding the race.

The cars eligible for this race are mostly production based sports cars that have been prepared to meet the strict safety requirements of the SCCA. There are also Spec Racer Fords which are SCCA specific Sports Racing cars all built to the same specifications. Because of the many different cars eligible, they are divided into classes according to their power-to-weight ratios, making them able to compete against each other on a level playing field for a Class victory all while still competing for the overall win. Cars will start at the same time and most teams will have driver rosters composed of four drivers that normally drive a "stint" which could be as long as three hours.

The drivers that enter these types of races are a different breed, they are very strong and more importantly possess the ability to maintain razor sharp focus for long periods of time. The slightest lapse in judgement can put a car off course, possibly damage it and send a team home early.

One of the great things about SCCA racing is the warm and friendly family type of camaraderie the participants and fans share. Each driver is approachable and friendly and happy to be involved with professional level amateur racing.

For information on the SCCA visit www.scca.com or ask any official or driver how you can get involved.